My story is inspirational. Let me share my story with you.

Hollie L. Jones., PhD is a social psychologist and black identity researcher with over 20 years of research and applied experience in the public and private sector. She is passionate about understanding black identity development, intersectionality, and health disparities. She has authored journal articles and several book chapters on these topics.

 In 1993 Hollie graduated from Goucher College with a BA in psychology. She also has a MA in psychology from Hunter College, City University of New York, and a Ph.D. in psychology from CUNY. She completed postdoctoral studies at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine before joining the faculty at Medgar Evers College, City University of New York.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Hollie developed an interest in psychology as a result of wanting to understand the social group dynamics in her neighborhood and city and how these dynamics directly impacted her family members. Her exposure to nigrescence theory and the book Shades of Black at the undergraduate level led her to pursue a doctorate in Psychology.  As a doctoral student, she developed a nuanced perspective of Black identity development and intersectionality with a focus on ethnically diverse Black women. William E. Cross chaired her dissertation.  Hollie joined the psychology department at Medgar Evers College, CUNY in 1997 where she worked her way through the professoriate and served as Deputy Chairperson and Chairperson. As faculty, Dr. Jones taught a variety of undergraduate Psychology courses including Adolescent Development, Qualitative Research Methods, Psychology of the African Diaspora, and Experimental Psychology. In 2017 she became Dean of Academic Affairs at Medgar Evers College. Hollie lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and daughter.

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